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Omega Institute Presents:
Baptiste Power of Yoga & Meditation Retreat
August 26-31, 2007 Omega Insitute Rhinebeck Campus: Rhinebeck, NY (US)

Dear Friends in Yoga,

Hello to all of you. What a beautiful day!

As you know, my goal is to offer uniquely rich retreats that authentically help you in an ongoing transformative experience. Our work together supports what is going on in the bigger picture of our lives and each step in our personal development on our paths.

I want to personally invite you to attend this year's Omega Retreat in upstate New York August 26-31, right before Labor Day weekend. It's in the very beautiful and historic area of Woodstock, New York. This area is rich in hippy history from the likes of Timothy Leary and Ram Dass. It is also steeped in more traditional history from the Quakers who established the area during America's beginnings.

Omega has been an Institute of Higher Learning and has presented the world's leading teachers and authors since the '70s. The Omega campus is great! When you are there, you get the full on experience of being Back East in the company of a diverse, interesting group of people of different ages and walks of life who are drawn to Omega for the week. Many programs are going on at the same time, so you get a fantastic mix of hundreds of people who do their own thing with different events on site in the morning and afternoon sessions. Then, they mix together during the off times. You can expect to enjoy wonderful conversations and the chance to meet new people in the process of the week over meals and on the campus grounds. By the way, a hip staff of Omega students run the cafeteria, and the dining room is a huge open air cafeteria with all-you-can-eat, fresh and healthy foods at every meal. In the evenings Omega offers community events that are springboards for contemplation. The extraordinary on-campus library (a rich resource), local cafe/coffee shop and Omega store make the environment a comfortable, casual place of higher learning. The cottages and dorms are simple. They are like an old summer camp with some extra modern spaces like the library, spa and the yoga rooms. The spa has really great body workers! You'll want to schedule a huge variety of excellent treatments during your off time. Look forward to a unique, inspiring and exciting experience at this wonderful retreat.

After I went to Omega last year on my own to teach and check it out, I'm now able to invite you with full confidence that we will have an extraordinary New York retreat adventure together. We'll keep ourselves in great shape physically, mentally and spiritually for all that we are doing and living out in our lives. This year Chas Tienan will be my assistant. Please join me for this dynamic Baptiste Yoga Retreat, diving deep into the essence and experience of our work and practices together with a rich weaving of all that we love in the process.

Don't miss out on this year's Omega Experience. Last year's week offered powerful challenge and growth for students and for me as a teacher as well. Participants told me that in the end it was absolutely life-changing beyond any of their expectations. They loved it and so did I.

Please join us, the promise is Great!

Love and light to all,
Sherri Baptiste

For helpful information about the retreat and to register, contact Omega Institute at:

(800) 944-1001 or e-mail registration@eomega.org
Or you can find the information on my web site at

Our Practice Includes:
  • Morning yoga: We work toward mastering postures for serenity, strength, and beauty. Each day our morning practice gives us extended time to develop and establish a series of flowing breath based movements that strengthen the muscles of the mind as well as toning, and sculpting the body.
  • Breathwork sessions: There are many benefits we experience from our work with the breath. These include strengthening the body's immune system, slowing the biologic aging processes, awakening regenerative energies, balancing the nervous system, nurturing our creative abilities, and enhancing peace of mind.
  • Deep relaxation and meditation: Physicians, psychologists, and other professionals endorse meditation as a powerful tool for relieving stress, maintaining health, and promoting creativity and vitality. We learn firsthand how to bring our relaxation and meditation practice back home with us.
  • Chakra journey: We explore gentle hatha yoga postures that balance the chakra centers and relax our whole being. Visualization, meditation, and mantra techniques are also taught for awakening our subtle awareness. Sherri takes us on meditation journeys centering within our chakras and discovering the hidden dynamic potentials of our life.
  • Sitting with ease: We practice postures for our hips and a healthy back and spine. This session provides a warm up series for sitting and a simple and effective practice to keep our backs healthy.
  • Awaken your core: Sherri guides us through a dynamic breath-based abdominal series that awakens and enlivens our core.
Discussions Include:
  • Yoga with weights: The latest breakthrough in mind-body exercise includes yoga with weights. We learn when and where to add just a little bit of weight to our practice to build strength. This helps us to integrate the mindfulness of yoga with the physical culture of bodybuilding.
  • Eating smart: Sherri teaches us how to do an eight-day purification and cleansing diet. We also learn how to eat well and abundantly from a whole foods diet. Healthy nutrition has been a natural part of Sherri's life. She was the founding owner of The Baptiste Natural Foods Store in San Francisco for 15 years.
All levels welcome. The sessions offer challenge while supporting your own individual needs. You'll learn to work within whatever level of proficiency you bring.

CE available. Bring a yoga mat and any props you are accustomed to using. Recommended reading: Sherri Baptiste, Yoga With Weights for Dummies and Baron Baptiste, Journey Into Power.

Sherri Baptiste is an inspirational teacher at the forefront of yoga training in the United States and the daughter of two yoga-health-fitness pioneers, Magana and Walt Baptiste. She has been teaching yoga since her teens and is the founder of Baptiste Power of Yoga
TM, a nationally recognized yoga method, as well as a yoga with weights teacher-training program and a yoga teacher certification and advancing studies program recognized by Yoga Alliance. Sherri is featured on video, DVD, and CD programs that include Power of Yoga and Power of Meditation. She is the author of Yoga with Weights for Dummies.

What Our Price Includes: Price above is for tuition only. See the accommodations page for housing/commuter information and fees. See the travel directions page for information on transportation services.

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We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any program at any time.

Our workshops are educational experiences, and are not to be mistaken for long-term therapy or cure. Some people may find some programs to be too psychologically or physically challenging. We recommend that in case of any doubt, a physician or trusted counselor be consulted.

Sherri Baptiste: http://www.powerofyoga.com
Yoga Alliance Credits are available for this workshop.