Introduction to:
The Art of Deep Relaxation and Meditation
with Sherri Baptiste

Geared toward establishing and
developing a deeper meditation practice.

In this illuminating session, nationally recognized expert Sherri Baptiste teaches you how to tap into the spiritual power of meditation.

Meditation has integrated itself into modern life, and become an increasingly familiar word in our vocabulary. Physicians, psychologists, and other professionals endorse meditation as a powerful tool for relieving stress, maintaining health, and promoting creativity and vitality. Studies and Research are showing positive results and tell us that a consistent meditation practice in your life may be a very good idea, as a supportive tool for personal well being.

This is accomplished as Meditation brings the brain wave pattern into an alpha state, which is a level of consciousness that promotes the healing state. Meditation is a powerful technique that anyone can use to increase physiological balance, clarity of mind, and awareness. Meditation connects us with the essence of our being, inviting us to slow down, and make our moments vital as they unfold. Many individuals who initially learn meditation for its self regulatory aspects find that as their practice deepens they are drawn more and more into the realm of the "spiritual." Making the moments vital effects the quality of our days, and thus our lives. When we meditate, we are getting in touch with the richest essence of our being. The longer an individual practices meditation, the greater the likelihood that his or her goals and efforts will shift toward personal development and spiritual growth with a greater state of compassionate self-awareness and self-acceptance. It is the realization of a wider and deeper relationship with the Universe, that allows us to embrace life to the fullest, and realize all it's potential!

Sequencing in this session will help to guide your daily meditation practices into a domain of effortless effort as you expand into the depth and breadth of what meditation is all about. This session is ideal for anyone wishing to enhance their practice, while helping to establish a more regular practice. Yoga teachers and teachers in training will learn essential techniques to help their students and clients learn to meditate.

This workshop includes:

• gentle hip opening poses
• sitting techniques
• breathing techniques to still the body and quiet the mind
• the art and practice of relaxation
• guided visualization
• centering techniques
• body scanning with gentle guidance to deepen stillness
• self reflection
• meditation with the use of sound
• silent meditation

Handouts will be provided as a general guide to meditation plus meditation techniques and tips. Please arrive 15 minutes before class. Dress in comfortable clothes. Be prepared to sit on the floor or if you prefer chairs may be used. Bay Club has yoga mats, props, chairs and blankets for sitting practices and for our use during this workshop. Please bring your own mat, zafu, or props if you prefer.

Sherri Baptiste Meditation CD

Registration Info: Please call to reserve space -
Erin Fleming 415-945-3054