JOURNEY TO INDIA a path to transformation

Join: Sherri Baptiste and India Supera Oct 2-23, 2008

This 20-day journey with Sherri Baptiste and India Supera Founder of Feathered Pipe Foundation will be rich and rewarding with great spiritual depth, yoga practice, meditations in spiritual sites, a daily yoga class, dance, music and culture. Join us as we take that 'swan dive into the unknown' into the essence of India that is the real India. We'll do hatha yoga for body and spirit, breath work and meditations throughout the trip in order to support the inner journey towards the experience of deeper spiritual practice.

Over the three weeks of travel together we'll be working our way through India's most beautiful and sacred sites, including the Taj Mahal which in Western eyes is the very symbol of India and perhaps the greatest monument to love. On to Khajuraho visiting the amazing temple carvings and Jaipur with it's rich legacy of royalty, great music, dance and We'll have four days with Swami Veda Bharati in his Ashram at the foot of the Himalayas, one of Sherri's most treasured and respected teachers and one of the great Sanskrit scholars of our time. In Varanasi a waterfront city we'll take a boat ride at dawn. Known for it's burning ghats at night this extraordinary city is considered by the Indians the Stairway to Heaven. We'll end this journey of a lifetime on the beaches of the South with daily yoga practice at an exquisite resort with Ayurvedic treatments offered there as well.

India is among one of the most challenging places to travel and the most rewarding. Traveling in India with its richness of history and myth one quickly comes to realize that India cannot be known or understood, but rather only to be experienced. As with all our trips we ask our travelers to be open to the moment-by-moment flow of our journey and to stay available to the experience, wherever it may take us.

PLEASE NOTE***A trip to India is not a place to talk anyone into going to, but if a journey to India has been on your list and something you would like to do, we invite you to join us.

Feathered Pipe is offering a $500 discount for those who fully register by April 2008.

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